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Pressure Washing

Why call Malone's Cleaning Services for your Pressure Washing Needs?

At Malone's Cleaning Services, we do power washing a little differently than you may be used to. 

This is because we combine technology and proper technique to actually clean your home's hard surfaces. Traditional high-pressure power washing systems rely on heavy force to blast dirt away, potentially damaging your property. Our power washing is done using a Soft Wash System that uses a low pressure stream of water and a mild detergent to safely and effectively clean nearly any surface- vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco, decks, fences, roofs and more. 

It is safe for hard surfaces and will not harm landscaping.

Our house wash quotes include the siding (including brick, stone or stucco facades) the underside of the gutters, and the soffits and fascia.  

We also offer power washing for brick, concrete, pavers and other flat surfaces, as well as outdoor furniture, playsets, gazebos, etc.

Make your home look great again!  Your home (and neighbors!) will thank you. 

Ready for your FREE quote? Call, text, or email today.


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